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In Support of Captain Bridget Clinch

Captain Bridget Clinch is a pretty awesome woman. It’s because of her that the Australian Defence Force changed its policy, which banned people undergoing or contemplating gender reassignment from serving. She risked the job she loves — the job she’s… Read More ›

A Tiny Bright Spot

This has been a pretty damn depressing election campaign for all of us, I think. It’s been filled with bigotry and gossip about ALP internal politics, and there’s been very little analysis of policy or what either major party is… Read More ›

The writer and the cartoonist

Helen writes at the Cast Iron Balcony. She’s a blogger, she’s a grinner, she’s a mother, she’s a sinner. She plays her music in the sun. Last year, some cartoons which appeared with two of Miranda Devine‘s articles caught my… Read More ›

It’s not “sex”, it’s rape.

it's not sex, it's rape

And today’s doucheplonker of FAIL award goes to… this Sydney Morning Herald reporter, who managed to write this entire article without once mentioning the word “rape” or “assault”. Instead, she repeatedly labelled these violent gang rapes “sex”.

Women on the front line

Guest Hoyden Mindy also blogs for ecelectic group blog For Battle! This issue is back in the news again, with the announcement that the DSTO is looking at the combat roles available in the army, previously denied to women on… Read More ›