Star Wars

Discombobulation: How to Stop a Geek in their Tracks

After viewing that image, your geek will be frozen in place, trying to explain all that is wrong with it, while you make a clean getaway.

UPDATE: Apologies to all folks using reader software, I only just realised that I bollixed the image alt tags earlier in the full post.

Risk: “Man Up”

Classic game Risk has manned up. Yes, laydeez, you’re no longer welcome. Nor are you girly-boys, either. Sociological Images has the scoop. Yes, it’s by Hasbro, home of slagpiles of Disney Princess paraphernalia, My Little Pony, Baby Alive, Littlest Pet… Read More ›

SF Sunday: worst costumes evah!

Two to kick off: Sting’s metal budgie-smuggler from Dune, or Leia’s metalkini from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi? Does it surprise anybody that exists? (I didn’t bother to visit, if anyone does please report) I note in passing… Read More ›