SF Sunday: worst costumes evah!

Two to kick off: Sting’s metal budgie-smuggler from Dune, or Leia’s metalkini from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi?

Does it surprise anybody that leiasmetalbikini.com exists? (I didn’t bother to visit, if anyone does please report) I note in passing that, judging by the evidence online, very few of the people who turn up to costume parties in the metalkini wear the slave-collar with chain – I wonder why not?

Here’s the one shot I do like of the Leia metalkini – Carrie Fisher and her stunt double Tracy Eddon catching some rays on set.

Anyway, back to costumes in general: the metal swimsuit is a classic offender, but these two are sadly far from the worst around. There’s probably something worse than metal swimsuits, too. Wotcha got?

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  1. Ugh; the Leia-as-slavegirl slavering within fandom is rather disturbing.
    Not really a “worst costume”, but I was irritated by the Buffy “Halloween” episode, in which Willow’s rejection of her ghost costume in favour of the skimpy miniskirt-and-crop-top costume was painted as her Big Moment in female confidence and empowerment. (Of course, she has some wonderful Big Moments in later seasons.)

    Sigourney Weaver sent up the double standard in space opera costuming nicely on Galaxy Quest.

  2. …I’m sorry, I just got totally distracted by the phrase “budgie smuggler” which being USAian I had never heard before.
    But can I nominate “Every single piece of sword & sorcery art ever with maybe one or two rare exceptions?”

  3. You’d have a little problem if the metal bikini you were wearing to the swimming pool, um, decided to rust.
    Actually, the metal bikini was originally worn by Jabba.
    He’s trying to get back into shape.

  4. Any female action hero ever whose costume includes high heels, especially stiletto heels. Trinity from The Matrix movies is one of the few who immediately comes to mind as wearing boots actually reasonable for action, either flat boots or ones with a low chunky heel like motorcyle boots – ironically, seeing as how the characters were in a non-physical world when wearing those costumes. She also didn’t have unsuitably revealing costumes, either – everyone was in form-fitting black. 🙂
    I guess Uma Thurman’s costumes in Kill Bill weren’t too bad either.
    Chain mail bikinis must really chafe and pinch. And short shorts are not suitable for Tomb Raiding. Way to get your legs all scraped up, and bitten by bitey creatures. Ooh, and that “bandage” costume for Leeloo in The Fifth Element is pretty bad. Gaultier had some cool costume designs in that movie but the bandages were fail. (At least she had sensible combat boots.) Both the live action and animated Aeon Flux costumes are like silly Thierry Mugler fetishwear, though the live action primary one was not as impractically skin exposing.

  5. Do video games count? Because there is quite a sample to choose from in that arena, including a metal thong in Prince of Persia.

  6. Pretty much every costume at the ARIAs tonight.

  7. La di Da, that immediately brought to mind Summer Glau as River Tam, and her combat-boot ass-kicking. Of course she can also kick said ass while barefoot, either way is cool. She does the same in the new Terminator series.

  8. I meant to include a link to the post I wrote 2 years ago about the original chainmail chick in a bikini, Red Sonja.

  9. As mentioned by me earlier in the week–Uhura’s fan dance g-string thing in Star Trek V.

  10. I can’t think of any that haven’t been mentioned yet. Though I’d bring in Xena and Gabrielle from their mention beyond tigtog’s link; actually, can Red Sonja’s bikini get in there too, even if it’s not from screen?
    Oh, I can think of one: the original Star Trek minidresses.
    I didn’t bother to visit, if anyone does please report
    I took one for team. :/ Uh, there are some galleries (the film, other shows that have reffed it, and some fans); and it sells merchandise. It pushes the slavery side, complete with a couple of leering Jabba pictures, and the entry image is of her pulled up against him with him leering. One small mercy, it does have the shots of her strangling him. Now I’m off to wash.

  11. “I note in passing that, judging by the evidence online, very few of the people who turn up to costume parties in the metalkini wear the slave-collar with chain – I wonder why not?”
    Wha!?!? The chain is her weapon! It’s the one thing that redeems the whole outfit! What is wrong with people?
    With regards to the original question:
    “Oh, I can think of one: the original Star Trek minidresses.”
    Yeah, I can do you one better than that: Troy’s miniskirt and Dr. Crusher’s lab coat. Because it’s one thing to make the the uniforms gendered, it’s another to make the women’s uniforms as un-uniform like as possible; thus emphasizing their Smurfette-ness in order to make up for the fact that you have two! main characters that are female.

  12. I have good news! Someone finally picturing Leia’s metal bikini, complete with slave collar and chain:
    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to get on with a life that will never have a moment’s peace after that fucking Vader costume.

  13. @ MatildaZQ:
    The monster from Alien is even worse, I think.

  14. I quite like that ironic pink vader. Peter Serafinowicz had a bit of fun with the pink vader idea.
    I’m not much of of a sci-fi nerd but I had a book of fantasy art as a teenager that contained an illustration that went about as far as it is possible to go with the sex and violence fetish thingwithout entering the realm of torture porn. It featured an obese “noble” in palanquin paying to watch a conan-like figure behead a shackled woman in bikini top and loincloth. I’m kind of retching a little just thinking of it.

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