technical difficulties

We’re migrating the blog

Over the next couple of days HaT’s datafiles will be shifted to a new server. In order to streamline the porting process, we may need to place the site into Maintenance Mode for short periods. So we’ve disabled comments from the front-end and asked our bloggers to not log into the back-end for the next couple of days.

Welcome back! Extra special open thread!

Surprised to not see a “Maintainence Mode” page when visiting Us too! But we’ve busted out of our shared server environment and stopped overloading their system and are stretching out luxuriously on our virtual private server.

Ozblogistan outage

There arewere tech problems occurring in California, apparently. Investigations are occurring, but a whole swathe of oz-blogs are currently unavailable back online.

Reporting in

My computer is being silly, and I’m having to debug. This is going to delay the carnival even more…

Minor blogfart

The problem appears to now be resolved: so should I stick with this look for the blog or revert to the previous theme?

I’m an amateur

I only just realised that when I turned on word verification for the comments, I also accidentally checked the ‘moderate comments’ option as well. Because I didn’t mean to do this, I didn’t check the ’email alerts’ option, so comments… Read More ›