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A screenshot from the Simpsons showing Kent Brockman caricatured as a cuckoo clock by his own TV station with words TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES PLEASE STAND BYMy computer is being silly, and I’m having to debug.  This is going to delay the carnival even more (yesterday a client had emergency site recovery issues needing my attention).

It will happen!  I’m hoping I can get it all sorted by this afternoon.  Sorry.

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  1. Can we post pictures of carnivals in the meantime?

    Carnevale di Venezia. Carnival to Venice, Carnaval de Venise

    Light Scrambler

    Beija-Flor de Nilópolis Carnaval 2009 Rio de Janeiro Carnival Carioca Brazil Brasil samba

  2. My new laptop’s external monitor function isn’t fully supported in Linux! Boo hiss! (Bugs here and here for any passing graphics hackers…)

  3. Pfft, whatevs, tigtog, it is merely a carnival, though certainly an edition of The Best Carnival in Existence. Best with bug issues!

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