Opportunities squandered

JOHN Howard squandered the benefits of the $80 billion-a-year resources boom and wanted to be re-elected so he could retire, Labor leader Kevin Rudd said yesterday. Defining the choice facing voters in one of his last major speeches of the… Read More ›


I’ve just forgotten what I was about to blog. In the meantime: A few moments ago I accidentally stepped backwards on to my cat’s paw. She yowled and then leaped several feet around the corner, so that she could glare… Read More ›

Duh du jour: A cautionary tale.

[scene: a very quiet room.] Me: [thinks] Gosh, that’s a lot of drive noise. And it’s constant, not fluctuating. Whatever could be hammering the hard drive? * checks Activity Monitor, nothing unusual Me: [thinks] Is it the new external drive?… Read More ›

One for the Albee aficionados

Those who don’t already know this trivia, anyway. Just listened to Edward Albee in a radio interview, and he said that when he originally sold the movie rights to Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf to Hollywood, he asked who they… Read More ›

Soundbites on YouTube

Politicians around the world are gingerly using YouTube to make policy statements, or maybe just to get their soundbites out there while avoiding having to have a press conference. Now some Catholic seminarians have parodied the Mac vs PC ads… Read More ›

Friday Hoyden: Grace Hopper

“I invent the Future” USN Rear Admiral “Amazing” Grace Hopper (1906-1992), mathematician, computer pioneer, marketing innovator, academic and above all guru of the importance of embracing change, has a special place in the heart of many a female nerd/geek. She… Read More ›

NASA hits the trifecta

Astronauts Flying Drunk. Sabotage of Computer for the ISS. Embezzlement. A seriously bad week. NASA gets the hairy eyeball eyeing its budget from the current US Administration enough as it is – they really don’t need this negative publicity.

Political outreach online

There’s been a lot of discussion lately about just what online strategies could be most effective for political parties in getting their message across to the voters. I’ve run across a lot of interesting views, and thought on them (in… Read More ›


Three Welsh inventors are touting their Greenbox system that would replace car exhaust systems with an emissions capture system. It uses algae to absorb the emitted gases and hold them inertly so that the boxes can be easily transported for… Read More ›