I’ve just forgotten what I was about to blog.

In the meantime:

  • A few moments ago I accidentally stepped backwards on to my cat’s paw. She yowled and then leaped several feet around the corner, so that she could glare at me accusingly while holding her paw up at a pathetic angle. As I had been getting food for her when the step-on-paw happened, it was surprising to see her then run towards it without a sign of a limp. Drama queen.
  • This morning, I absent-mindedly walked out of my semi-regular scrambled-eggs cafe without paying the bill. When I realised this a few hours later and called them, they were pleasantly surprised that I had bothered to let them know and promise to pay them next time I’m going past.
  • My son has received his first consideration for tech support. He managed to work out that the reason why the particular computer in the library wasn’t working was that the power switch had not been turned on. He was paid with three Freddo frogs.

Real blogging tomorrow, hopefully, although the combination of the neverending election campaign here and the erection of The Great Wall of Sydney has left me strangely enervated.

In the meantime, here’s an interesting article from Channel 4 in the UK on civil liberties. The teaser:

Equality legislation means we have freedoms previous generations only dreamed of. But with identity cards and CCTV, does freedom come at too high a price?

The following article doesn’t quite make the case that the two phenomena are necessarily connected, in my opinion.

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  1. I used to have a cat who would fake a limp to get affection. It worked on pretty much everyone the first time they met him, until he forgot which paw was meant to be injured.

  2. From your Great Wall of Sydney link, a shop owner voicing his concern, and my emphasis:
    “There are so many other places that could have had [APEC] and it wouldn’t have affected so many people but they want to show the city off, I suppose ….”
    Yes, I suppose. Problem is this: it doesn’t actually look like Sydney with a thumping great fence running through it.
    I’m stopping there, because this makes me angry.

  3. ah yes, the old fake-squashed-paw trick. every cat i’ve ever had has attempted this, apparently under the delusion that you’ll feed them more/better food out of the ensuing guilt. just stick a paw where it’s likely to be tripped over and then yowl bloody murder, even though usually the paw has barely even been brushed. devious creatures.

  4. Here’s a gift for you:
    Perhaps it might help you feel a little less enervated 🙂

  5. Heh. That’s rather fun.

  6. Very nice! Covers almost all bases, I think.
    I also liked the possibility of dressing him in the Wilderness Society koala suit and Dame Edna’s glasses.
    btw I have been checking Flickr for photos from your swish new toy …. are you saving them up?

  7. I keep on getting distracted by playing Scrabble on Facebook when I could be uploading photos!

  8. I can see that’s a difficult choice for use of computer time.
    Are you winning???

  9. Starting to win a few, and at least most of my matches are fairly close now.
    Flickr has the hiccups, oh noes! Will have to upload when it’s feeling better. Couldn’t even do my Wednesday Wow.

  10. Just had a look at the Bush Dress-up link.
    Where’s the fancy suit with the arrows and the ball and chain?

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