Duh du jour: A cautionary tale.

[scene: a very quiet room.]

Me: [thinks] Gosh, that’s a lot of drive noise. And it’s constant, not fluctuating. Whatever could be hammering the hard drive?
* checks Activity Monitor, nothing unusual
Me: [thinks] Is it the new external drive?
* unmounts it *
Me: [thinks] Nope, not that.
* quits out of a pile of running stuff
Me: [thinks] That hasn’t changed the noise at all.
* checks Activity Monitor again, still nothing unusual
* quits out of everything else
Me: [thinks] Still no change! What?
* logs out
Me: [thinks] STILL no change! Wow. Something really weird going on here.
* shuts down
* noise doesn’t change
Me: [thinks] ?????

Me: [looks around] Oh. It’s my cappuccino bubbles crackling.

Me: [thinks] Duh.

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6 replies

  1. So the moral of the story is drink flat whites?

  2. pah, pouncy townies.

    Espresso, please. No sugar.

  3. Black Knight: Sadly, I’m stuck on decaf; and even when it’s good stuuf, roasted super fresh and made just right, it just doesn’t taste the same as real coffee. So it’s milky coffee for me.
    kate: Perspicacious. Yes, that’s exactly the moral. I usually steam my milk pretty flat, but I got distracted today and blew it up a bit.

  4. That just proves that you are a member of the LATTE SIPPING ELITE.

    I imagine a happily purring cat might have the same effect.

  5. Critics may be disappointed that I’m not a big fan of chardonnay.

  6. Mmm Chardonnay.
    One of your full-bloodied, oaked Marlborough ones, though – none of this namby-pamby Strine muck.

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