Pond’s White Beauty.

More from Unilever, makers of the Dove range and pushers of smoothified, hairless, almost-average-sized, cellulite-free “self-esteem” alongside Slim-fast and Axe/Lynx: Did you know that Pond’s “White Beauty” cream, pushed in India, Korea and Malaysia, is part of Unilever’s “international stable… Read More ›

She’s a floorwaxer and a dessert topping!

Unilever, Unilever, Unilever. The company that brought us the marketing triumphs of Slimfast formula for fatties, and Lynx/Axe perfumed men’s body products. Now Unilever had rebranded hair-product range Suave for the noughties, with their “Pretty Mommy Movement” (retch). The catchphrases?… Read More ›