Cyberbullying watch: Duke edition

Most of you probably know about the Kathy Sierra death-threats episode that has left her fearing for her safety, her blog shut down and her life a mess. (Above link and rest-of-this-post trigger warning: disturbing content, misogynistic violent threats.) Some… Read More ›

Stopping cyberbullying

Kathy Sierra, writing about how she has cancelled an upcoming conference speech and other engagements due to overwhelming fear following hate-speech and threats directed at her online. The threats were at a sufficiently high level that Sierra has reported them to the police and apparently the FBI is investigating them, because making death threats online, just as in “real life”, is a crime.

Was Darwin a racist?

Anti-evolutionists often make the claim that Darwin was racist as if, even were the accusation true (we’ll get to its falseness shortly), that a racist stance would somehow invalidate his scientific discoveries. These claims have repeatedly been shown to be… Read More ›

My my, LGF has bounced by

Perhaps that’s why, although you don’t like people on “your side” being described as such, I have to say that the Bigots, Homophobes, Sexists, Racists, etc – as evidenced by their very own words – can cry me a fucking river of boohoohoo about how they are being oppressed by being accurately described as Bigots, Homophobes, Sexists, Racists, etc.

Keating the polemical

Pavlov’s Cat misses Paul Keating’s contributions to public discourse. I do too. Addendum: My favourite cartoon about Maxine McKew challenging John Howard for the seat of Bennelong, by Nicolson and found via Enderverse.