Aargheeheee! The rapier wit of the Gore-Deranged is destroying me!

Carbon Credit Killers.

Why We Do It

The reason we sell Carbon Debits is simple ““ we want to take away the pathetic excuse of Carbon Credits from those liberals who hide their shame filled lives behind money-bought lunacy. Carbon Credits are simply a way for the rich (Al Gore) to continue to hypocritically live lives that look nothing like what they try to enforce on everyone else in society. We want to take away those excuses.

Our goal is to completely wipe out every Carbon Credit ever bought by selling their nullifying opposite ““ the Carbon Debit. The guilt and shame that caused people to buy Carbon Credits in the first place will be placed back on them as we let them know that their actions caused us to nullify their credits. They are the cause of us killing trees; they need to face up to their guilt.

This message is important for one reason ““ Far Left Liberals are lunatics that operate solely on shame of themselves, their success, their country, and their wealth. It is time to expose their ideas and self-defeating idiocy ““ and selling Carbon Debits is the best way to do that.

Seriously, I hate this site. But underneath all the hateful posturing they may just have a point about the rich simply outsourcing their carbon debt, while people living in poverty are fingerwagged at for failing to embrace their squalor and starvation while knowing from observation that industrialisation is a proven path to relative prosperity.

Then of course I realise that distracting me from important messages about broad ecological responsibility (poor people may want prosperity, but not at the price of toxic contamination when fully informed) and the reactionary attack on rational discourse in the public arena is exactly what they want to happen, and I nearly fell for it.

Complex issues are hard by definition. It’s wrong to try and boil them down to two opposing sides playing chess and trying to sweep the board.

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