Fussin’, feudin’, flamewarring feminists

They aren’t here yet. But they eventually will be. Nothing to see here yet, folks.

Why am I so sure? Because I’ve had my first complaint at Finally, A Feminism 101 blog that I’ve linked to a particular feminist poster who has an ongoing feud with another feminist poster. I’m sure that others will follow.

FF101 is going to be a flamewar-free zone, rigorously enforced, but people are free to bitch about each other with respect to links on FF101 to their hearts’ content in this very thread. Why here and not there? So that the FF101 comments threads con’t degenerate into trainwrecks that ruin the purpose of the blog as a feminist resource. I’m about to place a link to this post in the FF101 sidebar to that effect.

As to the FF101 linking policy, links to individual articles that cover aspects of basic feminist concepts in a useful and compelling fashion. A link to a particular article should not be taken as a recommendation for or against any other article on the same website.

So this is a placeholder post, awaiting the fussin’. Carry on.

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