River leaving Baghdad

I remember Baghdad before the war- one could live anywhere. We didn’t know what our neighbors were- we didn’t care. No one asked about religion or sect. No one bothered with what was considered a trivial topic: are you Sunni… Read More ›

Quip of the week: journalist division

crossposted from Larvatus Prodeo “[With that level of military protection] even Paris Hilton could ride a bicycle in a bikini through Anbar province.” That was NBC Iraq correspondent Tom Aspell’s summary of the PR stunt from Republican presidential candidate John… Read More ›

Hugh Thompson Day

Today is the anniversary of the heroism of Hugh Thompson and his helicopter crew as they saved noncombatant Vietnamese villagers of My Lai from murderous US soldiers engaged in a massacre. I posted about Thompson last year: Are you a… Read More ›

So, it has come to this

There’s been a sense of dispiritedness in most of my favourite blogs this past weekend. I’ve shared it. Despite several times in the past few years pointing out signs of incipient fascist tendencies in the Bush administration, I always wondered… Read More ›