Month: September 2005

Obligatory Satire Roundup

Statutory Satire Disclaimer: if you are easily offended, satire probably just isn’t your thing. Don’t bother. Have some fluffy kittens instead. The image at the right is from Jon Stewart’s Daily Show, which I never see (being in Oz). However,… Read More ›

A rising tide lifts all boats…

so say the neocon economic rationalists. The Katrina-sized elephant in the room they never look at, never mention is: how can I catch the tide if I don’t have a boat? Especially if I was never even taught to swim?

More on serruria

The Botanical Society of South Africa has an Outing Report on a trip some of their members took to see Blushing Brides in the wild of the Franschhoek mountains. (scroll down approx halfway on that page) They make some very… Read More ›

favourite plants

So far, my favourite plant acquisition this year is Serruria florida (Blushing Bride).It’s a member of the proteacae and thrives in poor, dry soil: I have it in a pot with an Australian Native potting mix and I water it… Read More ›