Chlorophyll 1: Eco-rapists 0 (I hope)

I just dobbed this guy in to the police:

Those are grass trees, a threatened species. They have an extremely limited range and the trunks only grow 1 cm per year. Some of the biggest trees on that truck must be a century old – so at least 3000 years of growth on there, and the root balls look so small that these trees probably won’t survive when transplanted. I want to tie him down and let the roots feed on his slowly putrefying corpse.

Only licensed harvesters are permitted to take them from the bush under a strict quota: there’s no way some guy selling them off a truck has licensed trees. If the police do their job, he’s up for big bikkies:

Prosecution penalties: If a person is convicted of a threatened species offence under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974 Part 8A they face criminal penalties of up to $220,000 and or two years in prison. In addition, if the case involves harming or picking threatened species, endangered populations or endangered ecological communities additional penalties of up to $11000 apply to each whole plant that was harmed or picked.

Let’s hope the greedy bastard is bankrupted.

By the way, it made a big difference to the response I got from the desk-plod that I was able to give her the full name of the legislation empowering police to act on threatened species violations and giving details of penalties. Wherever you are in the world, your state/local government probably has a website for environmental protection matters, detailing the relevant legislation. Have it to hand when you report environmental violations to the police, otherwise they might not want to bother, thinking it’s outside their jurisdiction.

UPDATE 20 Sept: unfortunately it appears that despite the enthusiasm of the desk-plod that Hurstville Police had a busy day and insufficient resources to send a car along to check this eco-rapist out. So, I’m now informing governmental environment protection officers at the local and state level, and any green activists/lobbyists I can find as well. Hope to get him yet.

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