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On huffpo : The Great Stink of 2005.

‘We will never alter this one ineluctable fact about ourselves however. We stink. My god how we hate to be reminded of it and my god how much that reluctance to face it should tell us about its centrality to our existence. We shower, we smear and spray ourselves with product, we defecate into artfully designed porcelain which takes away the ordure invisibly and more or less odourlessly. When we die we are embalmed, burned or interred before we have time to pong. Take away the sewage systems, take away the running water, take away the morticians and within days our stink is beyond that which can be endured. Every cell of our body is composed of stuff so malodorous than one whiff of it will empty stomachs at fifty paces. It doesn’t matter whether we are white, black, rich, poor, virtuous, vicious, healthy or addled. We all stink. “My offence is rank, it smells to heaven” as Claudius said for us all. It is our true original sin, the primal shame that haunts us.’

Man I love the way he marshalls those words.


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