Obligatory Satire Roundup

Statutory Satire Disclaimer: if you are easily offended, satire probably just isn’t your thing. Don’t bother. Have some fluffy kittens instead.

The image at the right is from Jon Stewart’s Daily Show, which I never see (being in Oz). However, thanks to the Interweb thingy I got to see this bit anyway. I think my favourite yet to occur disaster is “unicyclists, nuclear”.

I cropped it from an image on Magic:The Gathering/Katrina Edition which has surely earned its authors a place in hell, which they will shortly thereafter rule.

I only wish this was satire: the Australian government has deported an American anti-corporate activist who advocates peaceful civil disobedience as a threat to national security. Apparently demonstrating outside the Sydney offices of Halliburton is a terrorist attack on the Free World.

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