Month: February 2006

So, am I a prophet?

Having blogged aboutabortionrightsrather a lot,I’m glad that Tony Abbott no longer has veto power over the importation of RU486. Back in November, I blogged that I doubted the Australian Parliament voting for a more pro-choice position on RU486 against John… Read More ›

I grieve

My 15-year-old cat Poco developed a growth in her jaw last November. X-rays and biopsy showed that while it was non-malignant, it was eating away absorbing the bone on both sides of her mandible, so that her chin was essentially… Read More ›

Be vewwy vewwy qwiet…

Keep up to date with Firedoglake – pretty much live-blogging the unfolding Cheney croney-shoot scandal. Image from Firedoglake For extra-chewy goodness, Amanda at Pandagon argues persuasively against another blogger’s premise that conservativism is about limited government.

Sunday, Darwin Sunday

Happy Darwin Day! Today is Darwin’s birthday, and many American churches are having an Evolution Sunday to sermonise about the harmony that can exist between faith and science. I recommend hieing thee to Pharyngula, where PZ will undoubtedly mark the… Read More ›

High-school homophobia

So my son, who turns 13 in a few months, started in high-school last week. This week, a class was disrupted when the teacher left for five minutes and a scuffle broke out between two boys. One boy had been… Read More ›


My poor friend oddprofessor is horrified. I tried to game this one a few times, hoping for Patrick Stewart, but I kept on getting: Your Daddy Is Ozzy Osbourne What You Call Him: Pops Why You Love Him: He’s your… Read More ›