Month: February 2006

I’m an amateur

I only just realised that when I turned on word verification for the comments, I also accidentally checked the ‘moderate comments’ option as well. Because I didn’t mean to do this, I didn’t check the ’email alerts’ option, so comments… Read More ›

Blogwhoring at Pandagon

Amanda kindly lent me some space at her place while she’s off hijinking in Amsterdam. Unfortunately it appears she didn’t get my revised draft in time, so what’s up at Pandagon is crudely made and the last paragraph should just… Read More ›

Prostitots and babywhores

I blogged a while back about the disturbing trend of sexualised dolls as toys for little girls. There’s a very interesting article in the SMH on Turning Girls Into Eye Candy. “We can’t allow marketers to colonise this nor should… Read More ›


The Tigling, who just turned 11 last October, is now officially taller than me. I didn’t overtake my mum until I was 14. She’s also taller than the Togster who turns 13 in May. They just take after different sides… Read More ›

417 – this is sport?

There’s a lot that can be said about the Cheney shooting incident, but this is the one point that just keeps on making me say “huh?” The quail that Cheney’s party were shooting were pen raised, with no natural survival… Read More ›