Be vewwy vewwy qwiet…

Keep up to date with Firedoglake – pretty much live-blogging the unfolding Cheney croney-shoot scandal.

Image from Firedoglake

For extra-chewy goodness, Amanda at Pandagon argues persuasively against another blogger’s premise that conservativism is about limited government.

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  1. the unfolding Cheney croney-shoot scandal.I love the media. Tens of thousands of civilians died? Yessir, we’ll shut up, sir. Thousands of our kids die so your buddies in Haliburton can put a third garage in their fourth vacation home? Wouldn’t be patriotic to mention it! Using the constitution for toilet paper? Well, it’s just a piece of paper! But one rich guy gets a little scratch on his chin because another rich guy is careless? WHOOO! IT’S A SCANDAL!

  2. I think some of the media outrage is that after all the sucking up to him they’ve done he gave the scoop to some community paper instead of flying them all down to Texas for a full press-conference.

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