Month: April 2006

Keep Katie Quiet

… or Xenu will come and take her away! I know, a bit late considering yesterday’s news, but still good ol’ stoopidfun. Via commentor Saint at LP.

Daddy Dearest

Look at the man with his young daughter at the Father-Daughter ball. And all the other dads dancing there with their daughters. They look kinda sweet, don’t they? I would have thought that these two girls were a bit young… Read More ›

Pseudoscience of the day

I loathe cynical advertising playing on the generally poor science education of the wider populace. We are not taught enough about how our own bodies work to spot the snakeoil salesmen. Case in point: a company advertising a daily multi-vitamin/mineral… Read More ›

Look over there

Light blogging for me with kids home for school holidays, which makes me even more of a taxi service than usual. So hie thee over to Pandagon for an interesting post and an especially fascinating comment thread on radical vs… Read More ›

Feminism, blogging and privilege

This Guardian article is a few weeks old, but I’ve only just caught up with it. Feminist blogs are booming. But are they globalising emancipation – or just playthings for the rich and well educated? Gendergeek acknowledges that feminist bloggers… Read More ›

Who knew?

Apparently, when some people in the USA wave this foreign flag it’s a bad bad thing: But nobody gets upset when some people in the USA wave this foreign flag every single year: Apparently, ancestors from some countries are better… Read More ›