Month: April 2006

Kovco questions

Just a quick acknowlegement that my previous post on Anzac Day which referred to Pvt. Kovco’s death from a firearm discharge in a secure area strongly implied that Pvt. Kovco committed suicide, and with fuller information I now realise that… Read More ›

Happy Anniversary to Us!

15 years married today. We’re taking the tigtogsprogs to Nana and Papa’s to stay for the night, and then we’re going out on the town for dinner and a show (Dylan Moran, Irish comedian who wrote/starred in Black Books). So,… Read More ›

Lest We Forget

Because it’s Anzac Day, I’ve spent much of my time looking over the various diaries/letters of my greatuncles who took part in the Great War. (Various cousins-once-removed and second-cousins have transcribed them over the years and sent out copies to… Read More ›

For the fallen

The news of Australia’s first military fatality in Iraq, which came just before Anzac Day, is a timely reminder of the fact that people at home in suits make decisions that cost soldiers overseas in uniform their lives. And those… Read More ›

Mountains in autumn

Ten years ago my parents retired back to the home in which I spent my early childhood. It’s in the Lower Blue Mountains near one of the National Park entrances, and they have a magical backyard for children. We went… Read More ›

150 years of 8 hour days

Kim has a post up at Larvatus Prodeo reminding us all about the 8-hour working day pioneers in our own Australian state of Victoria. 150 years. It’s probably just as well none of them are still alive to see what’s… Read More ›

Annals of Ex-Spousal Jousting

Civil but not effusive congratulations on birth of child to new partner of ex-spouse: “I hope both mother and baby are doing well.” Naughty Nic’s very clearly not mentioning someone here: Perhaps because this is her fervent unvoiced wish: [For… Read More ›

vaccines and autism redux

Orac on Respectful Insolence adds a cracker to his series taking on the Mercury-in-Vaccines-is-causing-Autism crowd. Some years ago I was for a while concerned about the possibility that the mercury compound thimerosal that is used as a preservative in vaccines… Read More ›