Month: April 2006

Hicks, Dreyfus, Kafka?

I was listening to an interesting radio program (RN’s Law Report) which had some discussion of comparisons between the Guantanomo detainees appearances before the military tribunal and the celebrated Dreyfus Affair. This is a controversial comparison because we now know… Read More ›

Little kids rock

Seen while driving home from dropping off the togster to his school band practise: an adorably dressed preschool girl holding her nana’s hand while waiting at the pedestrian crossing signals. She couldn’t just stand there, so she was jumping and… Read More ›

Mad scientist at work

Well, that’s what the SMH article’s accompanying picture would have you believe just by looking. I’m sure this nice boffin in the white coat doesn’t always look like he’s wondering about photographers a la fava beans and a nice chianti…. Read More ›

dreaded lurgy blogging

So, this week autumn has come to Sydney. The waterbed heater has been turned on, and the winter doona is on the bed. The kids are sleeping in long-sleeved-long-legged pyjamas. The skies are that brilliant autumn blue that only comes… Read More ›