Month: April 2006

Town v Gown

There’s a gang-rape case in the States that’s being much blogged about – 3 players from Duke University’s champion lacrosse team allegedly raped/strangled/sodomised an exotic dancer who had been booked to perform at a party while over 40 of their… Read More ›

Best. Hoyden. Evah.

Y.T. Skate-Kourier thrasher teen superbus. (The following book report is ending-spoiler-free.) Quite a few people told me I should read Snowcrash because I love science fiction. Why did none of them tell me I should also read it because one… Read More ›

What’s better than

going to see the anarchic stylings of a surreal, almost dadaist, comedian in the art-deco surrounds of the Enmore Theatre? Seeing the anarchic stylings of a surreal, almost dadaist, comedian whacked out of his brain on horse-tranquiliser strength painkillers after… Read More ›

Why oh why?

There’s been another shooting incident in Granville, in the same street as last week’s double murder. Police are calling for residents to come forth with any information, especially those in the Middle Eastern community. So far, not a sausage. The… Read More ›

Where’s the champers?

We saw an astounding sight in Sydney’s Royal Botanical Gardens yesterday after our picnic. No, not the non-blogger Birdman above – that was an unexpected heartwarming sight (the sulphur-crested cockatoo that can just be spotted on the other side of… Read More ›

Er, it’s a bit windy out there

despite how calm and chipper the weatherpixie in the sidebar appears. However, I’m going to the picnic as promised anyway. It’s always worth wondering around the Botanical Gardens. See you there, Morgan and Tim? And anybody else who’s secretly planning… Read More ›