Month: June 2006

A Transhumanist Future?

The whole 666 Number/Mark of the Beast thing and the fact that I’m reading Peter F. Hamilton at the moment has got me thinking about biochips and the future of other technological augmentations of the human body, and how those… Read More ›

Not a bad start, Kimbo

From The Age, at the end of an article discussing a maverick MP’s plan to draft a bill to legislate for same-sex civil unions in Victoria in the wake of the govt’s statement that they intend to block the ACT’s… Read More ›

Misanthrope, much?

Initially, when one looks at the site statistics meter and sees a sharp rise in one’s pathetic hit rate, one is overjoyed: at last the peeps are listening to me! But no. They merely want to know the latest c*l*brity… Read More ›