Month: June 2006

The Dr. Mengele of Philanthropy

Even cynical people have noted that by giving his money to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Buffet has resisted the inevitable egotistic temptation to reinvent a working wheel by aggrandising his existing charity foundation in his wife’s name, but… Read More ›

US Commentariat schadenfreude

Right-Blogistan is all het up about an email from the founder of top-ranking blog DailyKos to other progressive bloggers asking them to not report on a story unfavourable to an associate of his. This request from Markos Moulitsas is being… Read More ›

A whale of a weekend

Had a nice weekend away from the house enjoying the fine weather, so haven’t blogged. On Saturday, the family and I met up with Morgspace and The Other Andrew for lunch at Coogee. It was a perfect Sydney winter’s day… Read More ›

Please don’t suck

Relax, it’s not the Twisty bj wars [warning – flameproof underwear required, and you can follow it around lots of other blogs too] No, Futurama is going back into production. Zack of Shakespeare’s Sister captures my response to this news… Read More ›