Misanthrope, much?

Initially, when one looks at the site statistics meter and sees a sharp rise in one’s pathetic hit rate, one is overjoyed: at last the peeps are listening to me!

But no.

They merely want to know the latest c*l*brity birthing news, or c*l*brity divorce news (especially if it involves parties with missing limbs), or secondary s*x**l organ scandal news, or something even more perverse which you have, unthinking of the ramifications, recently blogged about, even if in the most tangential and nonserious fashion.

Shallow bastards. It’s satire, you freaks. Get a bloody life.

He’s a dickhead, she’s a bitch and the kid is a spoilt brat. All of them.

The rest of you who appreciate snark for its own sake are welcome to remain.

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2 replies

  1. snark is good – especially the hunting of 🙂

  2. Here, snarksnarksnarky! Where are you hiding, damn you – come out this instant or no MostBeautifulBabyInTheWorld(TM) flavoured snacks for you!

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