Month: July 2006

Malkin loves the coy

The repellent hate-screeder Michelle Malkin, who doesn’t allow comments to her blog posts (thus it’s not really a blog, IMO, just a brave-brave-Sir-Robin website) has a habit of putting up posts with ambivalent titles, popping in a few blockquotes or… Read More ›

Back on deck

I’ve had a bit of a lost week – one of those achey-breaky ‘flus with sore eyes meaning ‘puter time is not restful but is rather ennervating, so I’ve just been sleeping it off and makin sure I get the… Read More ›

Happy Birthday Mr Tog

Today my darling added another digit to the figure he puts in certain boxes on certain forms. He’s busy all day today with churchy stuff (he goes, I don’t, yes it used to be weird, now it’s no big deal),… Read More ›


In a few weeks’ time, Voyager 1 will be 100 AU from the Sun. (An AU, or Astronomical Unit, is the distance from Earth to the Sun). Voyager was launched nearly 29 years ago. Voyager 1 has flown by Jupiter… Read More ›

Go there

Jill at Feministe on anti-abortion extremism and disingenuous rhetoric. Long but compelling. Barista looks at the Israel-Hezbollah-Lebanon situation and the Australian reaction. Echidne of the Snakes examines the partisan demonisation of secularism in the USA. Blogger on the Cast-Iron Balcony… Read More ›