Month: August 2006


This Fri night on Channel 7, Robbie Coltrane is back as Fitz after 10 years, and Jimmy McGovern is back writing it after 12 years. For some reason, Australia’s getting the world premiere. Set those VCRs, everybody.

A beer bottle full of terror

The Poor Man Institute (for Freedom and Democracy and a Pony) spent last Friday Getting Serious About Terror. There. Now I’ve articulated a strategy every bit as coherent and likely to succeed as the Bush-Cheney-Sullivan strategy. Well done that man…. Read More ›

The book tag

Morgspace tagged me for a book meme. I don’t usually do these blog memes, but Morgan knows me well enough to know I’m unlikely to resist a chance to jaw about books. 1. One book you have read more than… Read More ›

Don’t come near me

I hab a cod. Sneezing, sniffling, snoring, sinus-achy misery. I can’t smell anything in my garden or taste anything on my plate. I hate the world. If you come near me I’ll give it to you too, just so that… Read More ›

Short and sweet

I’ve a long post up at Larvatus Prodeo today, and I’m composing a response to Morgspace’s 10 Questions about Books meme with which he has tagged me, so that’s preoccupying me somewhat. I just have to mention how my jaw… Read More ›


A WA teenager with leukaemia has been denied the disability pension on the grounds that leukaemia is not a permanent disability. Right. A condition requiring years of treatment to get better, and which in the meantime means he needs help… Read More ›


It’s that time of the year again. Today is the anniversary of the nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima, and in 3 days time it is the anniversary of the bomb dropped on Nagasaki. Hiroshima at 8.14, August 6th, 1945 Later… Read More ›