Month: August 2006

My new project – post the first

No, I’m not opening my own little shop full of simply just gorgeous things. I’ve long been envious of Lucy Tartan’s ongoing blog-project, where she photographs the outdoor sculptures of Melbourne and discourses critically thereupon. I thought “now, there’s a… Read More ›

The bad news is

The Martians have landed and want to rule over us all. The good news is:They eat rapists, and piss a non-polluting petrol substitute. OK, Class: discuss. (With apologies to comedian Utah Phillips)

Caught my attention this week

Shakespeare’s Sister‘s Shakes’ Sis: “if the Almighty had a problem with women getting their tits out in public, then he would have put our nipples on our thumbs.”(Reminds me of another recent breastfeeding foofaraw) Cross-dressing NZ lawyer Rob Moodie: “The… Read More ›

Conflict: Promoting Pride and Prejudice

As my last two posts illustrate, there appears to be ever more promoting of xenophobia both domestically and abroad against opponents from all sides, whether ideological/political/territorial, particularly as what was meant to be a lightning military campaign to effect a… Read More ›