Weekend flashback – the remiss edition

I was so crook yesterday I forgot all about this, so I’m glad I did my Googling for images earlier in the week.

When I was about 10, in the mid-70s, there was a big old picture palace about a mile away that still did the Saturday matinee sessions where we got one movie, then a couple of serials, and then another movie. We usually got a black and white classic adventure, then an old Western serial and a Space adventure serial, then a more recent movie. It was absolutely full of kids chucking lollies around the place, racing Jaffas down the aisles, and scaring each other about how some other time some kid died when someone up in the gallery dropped a drinkcan on their head. It was magic.

And that’s where I first met Flash Gordon, long before I ever saw the camp 1980 movie remake.

The boots! That feather! That blunderbuss style raygun!
And Buster Crabbe before he got caught out in a peroxide rain.

Extra boots to make up for last week’s lack.

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  1. As far a glam-rock goes, the Queen version of the Flash Gordon theme is as good as it gets.

  2. That was the best thing about the movie. Brian Blessed: how could you let them do that to you?

  3. I preferred Flesh Gordon to the Flash Gordon remake, but then I was 16 when I saw the former…

  4. Ah Flesh Gordon – Ms FX still calls ATM’s FlexiDicks. Worse she forgets and does it in polite company. Even worse she still smirks.ooh verification is VBEAM – how spookyily appropriate.

  5. Flesh Gordon was delightfully silly cheesecake porn. Very very strange.

  6. I gotta stand up for the 1980 Flash Gordon, both as a watershed SciFi appreciation moment for yours truly and from a fashion standpoint.Seriously, boots or no boots, they will fuck your shit up

  7. Flash’s flying suit had 2 switches on the chest part: one said ‘ON/OFF’ and the other said ‘UP/DOWN’.My smalltown Saturday arvo flicks used to have a cliffhanger serial ‘The Crimson Ghost’.xxx Boots Randolphor Bootsie & Snudge

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