Day: 2007-04-05

Brain fizzing

I went to the bookstore last night, and I’m not quite sure what’s going to happen to my brane over the next week. My downstairs book is Neal Stephenson’s Cryptonomicon. My upstairs book is Terry Pratchett’s Wintersmith. My car book… Read More ›

Cyberbullying watch: Duke edition

Most of you probably know about the Kathy Sierra death-threats episode that has left her fearing for her safety, her blog shut down and her life a mess. (Above link and rest-of-this-post trigger warning: disturbing content, misogynistic violent threats.) Some… Read More ›

Chuck Norris on The Chaser

Because he occasionally does talking-head stuff for Faux News. Nooooooo! Ican’thearyouIcan’thearyouIcan’thearyou. I much prefer the Chuck Norris that Google won’t search for. And the Chuck Norris who chuckles over silly lists. (Wikipedia sucks most of the fun out of the… Read More ›