Month: March 2007

Stuffed-head blogging

I’ve got a cold that’s making concentrating difficult, and I’m having a bit of a down in the dumps reaction to having concentrated so hard on fundamental feminist theory the last few weeks while getting the basic FAQs for the… Read More ›

Another gnaw on the Bone

Pamela Bone’s piece, published on International Women’s Day, on the perceived kowtowing from Western feminists towards cultural relativism certainly stirred up a few reactions. I didn’t blog on it myself as my reaction was essentially the same as the one… Read More ›

2-D Girls in a 3-D World

As I was leafing through the comments thread, impressed at their perspicacity and contemplating the differences between femininity, femaleness, and womanhood, I was also cruising some online toy stores.

Was Darwin a racist?

Anti-evolutionists often make the claim that Darwin was racist as if, even were the accusation true (we’ll get to its falseness shortly), that a racist stance would somehow invalidate his scientific discoveries. These claims have repeatedly been shown to be… Read More ›

FF101 Open Thread

Haloscan is eating comments over at FF101. Please feel free to comment here instead, until I get it fixed. First time posters are automoderated as a spam management issue, please don’t take it personally.


The Ten Most Magnificent Trees in The World (via Ampersand). This one’s the oldest known human-planted tree in the world, the Sri-Maha-Bodhi tree in Sri Lanka, planted in 288BCE, allegedly from a cutting from the actual banyan tree under which… Read More ›

Gifts for baby showers: problem solved

I don’t often tout a commercial enterprise, but these are fabulous! Available online from rockyourbaby (for the prematurely hip) Tip of hat to Shaun, whose Hannah (of course!) is wearing the “ab cd low voltage rock ‘n’ roll” design