Day: 2007-05-28

New to the blogroll

Angry Black Woman: via Winter at Mind the Gap! who says everyone should read this blog, and I concur. I’ve read a few things there every now and then, but recently I’ve been lurking and learning almost daily. This recent… Read More ›

The invisible soldiers

Ginmar, a military veteran of the Iraq war wading through the twisty maze of Veteran’s Affairs forms (all looking alike), is not celebrating the Memorial Day holiday this US long weekend: We are now engaged in two more wars, and… Read More ›

Been trying to find the words

The Nandos Portuguese Chicken withdrawal-patch pole-dancing commercials. That probably doesn’t make sense to anyone who hasn’t seen them. [link] I have been slackjawed for the last fortnight since I first saw the ads. I truly thought they’d be taken off… Read More ›