Day: 2007-05-05

Google and the He/She Ratio

I’ve been tinkering with The He/ She Ratio on Google Blogoscoped. A site’s he/ she ratio is measured by counting the number of pages on the domain containing the word “he”, then searching for the number containing “she”, and then… Read More ›

Right. It’s inflicting time!

Since Wednesday night I have had an earworm of the most incredibly cheesy version of “Afternoon Delight” imaginable. Simply by reading that, some of you will now have the same, especially if you too watched The Chaser on Wednesday. Ha!… Read More ›


Sadly, no lennies appeared when I went to view the sunset on Wednesday evening. However the sunset was still most spectacular, with a large clump of cloud right above the setting sun and ribbons of altocumulus streaming down to the… Read More ›