Day: 2007-05-02

xkcd pwns teh internets

I don’t know why any of us are even bothering to pretend that xkcd is not our new insect overlord (except for Cory Doctorow, who escaped in that bloody balloon). Excuse me. I have to go and save that map,… Read More ›

Lenticular clouds

I just heard on the radio that weather conditions in Sydney today are such that there’s a high probability of a lenticular cloud forming over the city late this afternoon, as the day cools. If it does, it will likely… Read More ›


Sometime in the next week this incarnation of Hoyden About Town will see its 10,000th comment since moving here from blogspot in September 2006. (Those interested can see the number of a comment by hovering their mouse over the datestamp… Read More ›

Yes and No

This post has been hanging around as a draft since February, because I wasn’t quite happy with it. Lindsay’s recent post (and my response), on how misusing “moderate” to describe faith positions which don’t preach intolerance imputes that the intolerant… Read More ›

Knowing Your Market

Today’s Guest Poster “Little Jim” is a masked IT professional and blogger While the outside perception is that it is still a male domain (and indeed some segments of the industry are very much like a post office), within the… Read More ›