Month: July 2007

A timeline to think upon

If Iran Were America (And We Were Iran): A Timeline This is a very well done example of reversing protagonists and putting shoes on other feet. It’s also a useful pointer for people who have been previously unaware of just… Read More ›

Living Black

First, a news snippet: The Age: Indigenous land takeover angers NT govt NT Attorney-General [and Member for Nhulunbuy] Syd Stirling said Aboriginal communities territory-wide were angry, confused and talking of legal action. He said the territory government was seeking advice… Read More ›

I’m baaaaack!

And most remiss in not thanking the delicious Guest Hoyden’s for helping Lauredhel keep the blog ticking over in my absence until after I’d made two posts today. Thank you, thank you bluemilk, Helen on the Cast Iron Balcony, sajbrfem… Read More ›

Lame jokes

I’m looking at you, Pavlov… Once there was a boy who had no arms, legs, or torso. In other words – he was a head. He used to roll to school, and roll home again. He was teased unmercifully, and… Read More ›