Month: July 2007

Wednesday Wow

The photo below, apart from being beautifully composed, spoke to me simply by evoking the great white cold so effectively. It’s not quite that cold here, but yesterday was Sydney’s coldest day in 20 years.

So, is it OK?

crossposted at Feministe Jessica, Amanda, Twisty and Violet Socks (and Melissa too!)have all written about this article: Is it OK to Demand Anal Sex?. The picture accompanying the article is odiously twee and threatening simultaneously, and as virtually every respondent… Read More ›

Notes for those reading via RSS

Hi, I’m doing some updating of old posts today, mainly shifting images which are chewing up my bandwidth to other image hosting services. So if you see an old post turn up in your feed-reader, it’s only because I’m updating… Read More ›

Review: Exit The King

I was fortunate enough to step into a seat for the sold-out season of this play when my Belvoir St Theatre-subscribing friend C’s friend C was too ill to make it. How lucky was I? Geoffrey Rush on stage in… Read More ›


(Now crossposted at Feministe – I’m guest-blogging there this week. Thanks, Jill!) 10 points to Indian journalist Saira Kurup for debunking the myth of bra-burning feminists as part of a column about the history of the bra. -100 points for… Read More ›