I’m baaaaack!

And most remiss in not thanking the delicious Guest Hoyden’s for helping Lauredhel keep the blog ticking over in my absence until after I’d made two posts today.

Thank you, thank you bluemilk, Helen on the Cast Iron Balcony, sajbrfem and Kate for such wonderful posts.

I had a great holiday in soft, deep snow that didn’t stress the joints the way that icy Australian snowfields usually do (’tis the vibrrrration, Cap’n, she’s shaking aparrrrt!). The kids enjoyed themselves, especially the ritual school holiday interlodge snowfight, and mr tog had a quiet lodge to himself with his laptop bein used recreationally only for most of the days (except the serious blizzard when we all stayed in).

On the way back home I sampled various coffees and cake on various occasions with the delectable Ampersand Duck, Zoe Crazybrave (with little Jethro) and Bernice Balconey with her lad (unfortunately missed Cristy Nopod and her Third Pea through an unfortunate series of minor events).

Glad to be back and able to spend more Hoyden time again though.

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6 replies

  1. She’s back! Shhhhhhh!
    *furtive movements in the background*
    Erm, hi there. Nothing to see here, nomam. Welcome back. Cup of tea?

  2. Cup of tea? Cup of tea? What about all these empty margarita glasses? Where’s mine?

  3. Oh, if only we’d known you were a margarita fancier! It was lovely to meet you and the other Tigs and Togs.

  4. Thanks for giving us the keys to the place!

    *bundling gigolo out of window*

  5. Speaking of keys – do you still have them, Helen? Weren’t you the only one with pockets at the bacchanal^W^W^W^W^W^W^Wvery small and serious organisational meeting we had a couple nights ago?

  6. Thank you for having me, it was fabulous fun up there on your stage in front of such a big crowd and all… but man I never felt so intimidated about blogging before.
    Am I messing up their place? Is this how they like the bed made? Did I remember to pick up my dirty underwear from their bathroom floor? Are they going to wonder if I went through their wardrobe while they were out?
    So, welcome back tigtog. Nice posting beside you Lauredhel.

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