Day: 2007-10-29

Mondayitis cure: kid art

Pirate Ship Pinkus. (“because the pirate ship’s name is “Pinkus”, because it’s a very old ship. Well, that’s a crows-nest with a flag, and a sail, there’s the captain, and that blue bit down the bottom is the ocean. And… Read More ›

Request: epistemology for newbies?

I feel there’s a hole in my book-larnin’. I’ve never really read any formal epistemology, just picked bits and pieces up as I go along. Can anyone recommend any web- (or uni website-) available, chapter/article-length introduction to general principles and… Read More ›

Born to be aloud?

Image Source: screen capture from this news story Obviously not! Only the quiet gays should adopt children! My descent into spelling snark here is a form of deflection, I guess, from pondering sadly just how much Rudd is going to… Read More ›