Mondayitis cure: kid art

Pirate Ship Pinkus.
(“because the pirate ship’s name is “Pinkus”, because it’s a very old ship. Well, that’s a crows-nest with a flag, and a sail, there’s the captain, and that blue bit down the bottom is the ocean. And there’s a steering wheel so the captain can drive it, and the ladder. There’s a sun, and that’s the pirate in the crows-nest. He looks out for pirate ships with treasure, so when they see one, they say “Ship Ahoy!”, then they get some planks, then they attach them to the next pirate ship, then they walk across them to steal the treasure. I should have held it this way. Then it could have been a longer pirate ship.”)


Alien on Saturn.
(“because he’s green”)


The Painting Of The Beach.
(“see the green shark, and a bright sun, and that’s an umbrella on a nice sandy beach, and a bright blue sky, and those are some rocks.”)

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  1. They’re all pretty wonderful, but I’m especially fond of the dread pirate ship Pinkus. The green shark comes a close second.

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