Month: November 2007

Grin du jour.

I’m enjoying a temporary blogflump, thanks to a bit of soapmaking and some post-election floatiness. So I bring you this, courtesy of Neatorama. Illegitimi Non Carborundum

Is Missy Hillary a lipsniger?

Crossposted from LP in exile. I’m surprised that detailed lesbian slurs against Clinton have taken this long to arise, actually, given that her sexual preferences have been questioned since long before Gennifer Flowers’ memoirs put the allegations into print. The… Read More ›

Not just change

Tim Dunlop has had enough of excuses from the Liberals and Nationals about the fickle, silly electorate that apparently didn’t have a single good reason for voting the Howard government out. [quoting Mark Vaile] “There seemed to be a sense… Read More ›

Too busy springcleaning

to blog (yes, I know spring’s almost over, that’s why I’ve got to get it done!). Have to have the house somewhat presentable for the house-sitter when we go on hols for the New Year too.


Courtesy of baroquestar and middle_marker, this LOLVoVo call-and-response: Background: if you missed Rudd’s victory speech: he addressed his frontbench thus: “We’re ready for hard work. We’re ready for the long haul. You can have a strong cup of tea if… Read More ›