This is what we’re up against: “Ironbar” Tuckey

Wilson “Ironbar” Tuckey , the member for O’Connor, a huge rural electorate in WA, walked out on the apology this morning.

Ironbar Tuckey got his nickname after he was convicted in 1967 for beating an Aboriginal man with an iron bar. Tuckey was convicted of assault and fined $50. It is reported that he “loves” the nickname, but goes to pains to explain that it was actually a length of steel cable. His history is described by Wikipedia as “colourful“.

These actions did nothing to halt his lengthy Parliamentary career, including a stint as Chairman on the Government Members Policy Committee for Indigenous Affairs.

This is an email Tuckey recently wrote to one of his constituents:

From: “Tuckey, Wilson (MP)”

Thank you for your email via the GetUp organisation.

Until changed by referendum in 1967, well after the period during which Aboriginal children were removed by State Government Authorities, the Australian Constitution 51(26) explicitly forbad the Australian Parliament passing ANY LAWS relevant to people of the “aboriginal race”. How then can a Government claim to express sorrow for things the Parliament never did and claim they are not involving the general community who elected the relevant State Governments?

Whilst I am unaware of your association with aboriginal people, mine as a resident of Northern Western Australia between 1958 and 1980 and during my subsequent 27 years as a Federal Member of Parliament has given me a very extensive knowledge and understanding.

Whilst I could continue at length, the “sorry” will not be for those who reside in today’s remote aboriginal communities. They and their offspring were the ones left behind. I will continue to object to the use of the Parliament to stage a Welcome Ceremony and doubt that the traditional owners of Canberra, good people that they are, continue to possess the skills of dance and ceremony to conduct a “welcome” as proposed.

Under aboriginal cultural law, no other group or person has the right to welcome people to the land area that encompasses the Parliament.

Above all a new Government should give priority to substantial matters, be it for Aboriginals or the wider community.

If you disagree that your interest rates, grocery prices, working conditions, health services and children’s education are of lesser importance than “sorry” please reply accordingly and I will forward that reply to the relevant Minister to ensure they know they have absolutely nothing to worry about if they fail to meet their numerous promises.

Yours sincerely


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  1. Translation: “Indigenous Australians weren’t even considered human before 1967, so nothing done before then could be considered a violation of their human rights.”
    What a lovely guy.

  2. What an utter prick.
    Another Outspoken Female’s last blog post..we’re all sorry (except Emma)

  3. That link doesn’t seem to be working properly.

  4. In case anyone’s confused about the homepage rearrangement, I tweaked the timestamp so this fell below the Apology post.

  5. Tuckey (elected 1980) is one of only two parliamentary survivors of the Fraser era and when Ruddock (the other Fraser survivor and the only survivor of the Whitlam era) retires during this term he will become the longest serving member of the House. From July 1 the longest serving member of the Senate will be Ron Boswell (elected 1/7/1983).

  6. I think The Worst Of Perth summed it up on the apology thread on LP:

    Feb 13th, 2008 at 9:15 pm
    Although I said it 100 comments ago, can I just say once more. Wilson Tuckey. What a f*cking knob. He has a chance not to look like a wanker for once in his life and still can’t do it. Did I say knob? Knob.

  7. And a suitable Worst of Perth subject at that. This town vomited him up in 1935.
    Lauredhel’s last blog post..?Sorry, but?: The apology, mutual responsibility, and self-determination

  8. Finally found a news outlet that quoted the horrid statement Tuckey made yesterday to the press before he decided not to stay for Rudd’s speech after all:

    Mr Tuckey said, sarcastically: “I’m there to say hallelujah. Tomorrow there will be no petrol sniffing. Tomorrow little girls can sleep in their beds without any concern. It’s all fixed.”

    Puts Nelson’s speech in the shade, doesn’t it?

  9. You know, sometimes I start to make a comment, then realise it would be an insult to arses and rectums everywhere.
    Tuckey. Shoot him into the sun. It’s the only way to be sure.

  10. sadly he wont lose his seat – and even if he did it would just go to the Nats not Labor

  11. From Mike Carlton’s column:

    A noisy, splenetic boor, the Liberal member for O’Connor, in the West Australian bush, embodies in one pile of bile the worst excesses of Australian redneckery.

    Nicely done.

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