Ghost rants: Archbishop edition

Bearded Godwit
Image Credit: Peter Brookes from The Times Online

The Ghost of Violet Socks sums up everything I’ve been trying to compose about the Archbishop of Canterbury’s latest efforts. I used to rather like the man.

And the Brits are no fucking better, Mr.-Archbishop-Eyebrows-who-can-wipe-my-ass. Hey, why not sharia law in Britain? Oh, but only for family matters, says Eyebrow Man, by which he means the entire spectrum of codified patriarchal abuse that governs women’s personal lives: divorce, marriage, custody, marital rape, marital beatings, financial support, “honor,” etc. Clearly His Very Reverend Eyebrows think it’s just peachy keen for women to be second-class citizens because after all, they’re not really human, are they? They’re just women. Eight hundred years of English jurisprudence and a modern European concept of civil rights are fine and dandy, but they do only apply to human beings. Which lets women right out.

The post vents about a few other matters as well.

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  1. Well, to be fair, he outraged so many people over here he wasn’t able to show his face in public for several days, and even now (from today’s BBC news 24 online):

    If Rowan Williams ever imagined his explanation could get him off the hook, he is wrong. The damage is done, and it will take more than his elegant mea culpa to undo it.

    All it’s done for me is reinforce my own feelings that the sooner humanity grow up and discards ‘religion’ as the useless and frequently harmful thing it is, the better. Alas, I don’t see it happening in my lifetime.

  2. I am glad he said wot he did, because:
    It has enabled/caused many media sources to LIST all those repulsive sharia taliban savage practices that these cashed-up with petro-dollars bogan TRIBES like.
    ie: they have been publicised more widely.
    My interest in muslim women being treated better is so that eventually filthy muslims will treat ANIMALS better.
    It is disgusting that australian farmers ship live cattle and sheep to Egypt and Sausi arabia where they are brutalised by filthy men
    Brownie Bwca O’Dyne’s last blog post..Six O’Clock Swill

  3. Isn’t it bloody amazing how some people can get it so wrong!
    Sire’s last blog post..Abstinence The Best Form Of Safe Sex

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