Month: May 2008

For the record

This is a photo taken of me when I was 14. It was taken at the social nudist club to which my family belonged, in a quiet area of bushland, and I was nude. It was part of a photo-shoot… Read More ›

The Henson photo scandal: so many knees jerking, so little real debate

I haven’t written about the matter here until now because I’ve had to sort out my feelings on this one: as someone who grew up in the social nudist movement I hate the way that nudity in any context has come to be automatically associated with pornography, and yet I see the necessity of ensuring that minors are not exploited for sexual imagery as well.

So, how’s your Sunday?

I’m still recovering from the excitement of seeing the Super 14 rugby semi-final last night at the Sydney Football stadium with a capacity crowd. I came home and celebrated the Waratahs’ win, so I’m ever so slightly still fragile. After… Read More ›