Day: 2008-05-12


Ken Parish of Club Troppo has just introduced what he calls the Tropposphere. The Tropposphere is a Clayton’s feedreader of selected news, opinion, and analysis. The aim is to aggregate the “best or most popular” Australian blogs who “consistently publish… Read More ›

Ice Queens

Images from the Australian Antarctic Division’s online photo gallery from a 2006 exhibition: these are the Icebergs. There are also galleries for: * Animals * Auroras * Australians in Antarctica * Colours of Antarctica * Electron microscopy * Ice patterns… Read More ›

How’s your Language Footprint?

[image source] We Australians aren’t really much for learning languages other than English. We’re quite comfy in our dominant language, and when travelling overseas – or to areas of Australia where English isn’t the vast-majority language – many of us… Read More ›

The Perils of Blogging #37291

If you blog from work, someone will find out unless you are scrupulously careful. If your workplace is a political party and you use a photo that could only come from party sources, that is not being scrupulously careful. If… Read More ›