Day: 2008-05-13

Budget Drinking Game!

Zoe had some sort of collision with a crystal ball and ended up liveblogging Tonight’s Budget Speech last night instead. So the plan is: Print out Zoe’s post. Make a large jug of something reprehensibly alcoholic Sit in comfy chair… Read More ›

More complacent denigration

crossposted at LP Last year Paul Norton wrote with some sadness and much asperity “Is David Burchell brain-dead?” Referring to the particular column which prompted the post, Paul contrasted ex-communist Burchell’s stance with the positions taken by anti-communist Robert Manne… Read More ›

From the mailbag

It’s not all invitations to coffee or ungrammatic hatemail. Sometimes these little notes revive pleasant memories of previous posts, like a nice little alert from someone (doing a systematic search on sites which had referenced them) to an updated URL… Read More ›