Month: June 2008

SF Sunday

A few things lately have got me thinking about two distinct strands of definitively “what-if?” speculative fiction which sometimes intertwine – the alternate history based narrative, and the utopian-dystopian narrative.


Today’s otter comes courtesy of the Sunshine Coast Daily. Mo and Bud, small-clawed south east Asian otters from Underwater World, are on their way to New Zealand for what the Daily calls “a breeding holiday”. An Underwater World spokesperson said:… Read More ›

He writes letters

Lad: “You know how I think it should go? Holiday – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. School – Saturday, Sunday.” Me: “But then you wouldn’t ever have a day with Daddy! Because he would have to work while you were… Read More ›

I’m not worthy

You know that stage when you’ve been doing a hobby five years or so, and you think you’re getting really quite good at it most of the time, then you cruise Etsy and the blogosphere and realise you’re totally not… Read More ›