“What were they thinking?” tampon ad du jour

Via Gigglesugar, this Tampax ad.

Description: Woman in red bikini jumps into swimming pool, swims a lap of breaststroke, gets out again. Bloke in pool looks astonished as water has suddenly dropped to knee height.

As one gigglesugar commenter said, “So this woman now has 500 gallons of water trapped in her vajayjay?”

While we’re on the subject of menstruation, there’s a new menstrual cup on the market, Miacup, from South Africa. It looks pink on the website, but users say it’s more of a purple colour up close. It’s more expensive than the other cups, but – purple!


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  1. Actually, that’s pretty funny considering the new Tampax is about as absorbant as a wadded up kleenex and only half as comfortable.

  2. This commercial is so wrong on every level and rather scary too!
    On all things menstrual I am a big fan of the sea sponge – natural, comfortable and reusable.
    another outspoken females last blog post..morning in pictures

  3. I’m not happy using a sponge from a bacteriology point of view, but if it works for you, that’s great. It would be nice if people (read: sex ed classes, magazines, etc) realised there were more choices available than is pushed on TV.

  4. I heart the purple, but I’m at the point of making my own pads right now, lined with recycled towels.
    I never got comfortable with tampons, so am trepidatious about the cups – plus, this way I get to drool over all the cute flannels in Spotlight, with an excuse.:)

  5. Can I put in a good word for bamboo-velour-topped pads? Not as cheap as flannelette etc, but it’s luxuriously comfortable.
    One good spot to buy handmade stuff(I’ve no commercial association) is the Cloth Pad Shop. I can vouch for the Girly Bits and Obsidian Star pads, they’re the only ones I’ve used from there. Another good Australian company that isn’t on the CPS is Wemoon. And I’m not sure whether Outrageous! is re-opening in Oz (she has just moved here from NZ), but keep an eye on the website.

  6. *stares at ad*
    This would not make me want a tampon.
    If we’re discussing alternatives, I do adore my Mooncup. What I didn’t adore was having my coworkers ask if I used pads or tampons and, upon being informed I used a cup, being absolute jerks about it for the next two weeks.

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