He writes letters

Lad: “You know how I think it should go? Holiday – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. School – Saturday, Sunday.”

Me: “But then you wouldn’t ever have a day with Daddy! Because he would have to work while you were on your holiday days.”

Lad: “Nooo! He would have it the same way around. Everyone in our family would.”

Me: “Oh, so just our family? Who would be there at school with you on the weekend?”

Lad: “Well I wouldn’t be there alone. My teachers and the other children should be there too.”

Me: “Hm. How can we change this, do you think?”

Lad: “We need to write letters. To the kids, and the principals, and all the people in Australia. All the people with children. But not in other places, not the places that aren’t connected to Australia. Just in Australia.”

Me: “How many letters is that?”

Lad: “Oh, about ninety hundred. Or maybe ninety thousand.”

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